Working with clay

There are many ways to make pottery, and as many choices to make before you can start. It begins with the choice of a technique. My ceramics are wheel-thrown and each piece is unique. Other important choices to make are the type of clay, the glaze, its application technique, and the way of firing. 

I work with different clays, with or without sand or grog. By glazing my pieces with a transparent glaze, the clay really comes into its own. I use an electric kiln for firing. Opening the kiln after the glaze firing remains an exciting moment!

Since a make usables, I don't feel an artist, I am a craftsman.  The pieces I make are designed to last and to be used. I make all kinds of tableware like cups, bowls, plates, jugs, ...  Each piece is handmade from start to finish. I hope that the time I took to create a piece and the care I gave it, will shine through !

Wedging the clay

Wheel trowing



(bisque fire at 950 °C)


(and glaze fire at 1250 °C)